Robert Gesink Talks About His Recovery After Crash in Tour de Suisse

While his team mates are getting ready for the Tour de Fance Robert Gesink is still fighting to recover from the bad crash he sustained in the Tour de Suisse. "This concussion costs a lot of energy!" he tweeted. Read what he says about his condition.

Robert Gesink:
"Just a quick message to inform you about my recovery. Things are up and down the last few days with high and low energy levels and lots of afternoon naps after rides on the bike. To be honest, recovery isn't going as fast as I hoped and I'm in close contact with the team every day to adapt the length of bike rides to the energy available that day. 
Things aren't all negative, I do not have the problems concentrating or headaches anymore, so we are definitely moving forward!
I hope to bring good news soon and to be able to talk about training again instead of just riding the bike and sleeping just as long as my 1,5 year old son afterwards! 😉
From next week I will be traveling to Colorado, USA, to focus on the last part of the season. Hopefully the training at altitude in the States brings the good form like it did many times before!
Thanks for all the kind messages!"

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