Cyclocross - In Short: An Interview with Klaas Vantornout

There is an interview HERE.

In Short:

1. Thyroid again: "All was going well, I had left my bad winter behind me and was preparing for the next season. I had to give up in the first of three stages in the Triptyque Ardennais. I immediately knew what it was: damn thyroid again. I suffered for it several times in the past years. No Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure, so I decided to resume competition in the GP Monseré in Roeselare-Beveren, where also started the rest of Marlux-Napoleon Games. Unfortunately ... "

2. Hit by a car two days befoer the race: "I've been lucky. I got off with a mild concussion and a few scrapes. However I had to delay again."

3. Training in Calpe: "It's perfect to refine my condition a week before the Tour de Liège (18-22 July. I still hope I can get again to a good level. I must in fact, I want to start the season in September without any disadvantage"

4. No pressure: "See, I will keep on, huh. I'll give 100%. But the pressure is no more on my shoulders with the arrival of these young guys. Also in our team, Michael Vanthourenhout and soon Eli Iserbyt are ready to score. This makes me enjoy again the pleasure of the cyclocross, and it's something I missed last winter. "

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