TdF, San Sebastian, Vuelta a Espana: Alberto Contador said...

Alberto Contador:
"I watched many stages of the Tour on television, but it was not easy to follow the race because I knew almost every corner of the parcours and I found it difficult to accept that I wasn't there. However, sports is like that, and I'm already feeling better and working towards my next goal, the Vuelta a España.
Following a period of complete rest, I started to slowly going on the bike for a spin and although the discomfort was always there and I had a slower rhythm longer than I expected, I haven't been worried about it. I am aware I will lack a bit of pace in San Sebastián and Burgos, which will probably raise my pulse a lot, but I know the best is to think about the Vuelta a España. I will tackle these two races with a bit of calm and with a longer-term objective.
I feel pretty good but not perfect yet. Of course, there is no comparison with how I was in the Tour, but I still don't do any stretching in order not to risk a relapse. Otherwise I'm already almost back to normal.
I'm in very good spirits  and just think I have the Vuelta a España ahead. It is my country's race, I'll be at home and I really look forward to taking to the start.
San Sebastian is a very demanding race where riders coming from the Tour always have an edge in their form, which makes a difference. It will be difficult to be at their level, but it will be good in order to pick up pace."

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