TdF: Second Rest Day... visiting Bern

It's very hot in Bern and people bath in the river going with the strong stream. The boldest even jump from the bridge in the cold fast water. We sit and watch in awe, our feet in the water but our bottoms  safe on the ground.
It's too hot honestly and we have no will to go around as tourists. We have already visited the botanic garden and I must confess I would have spent the day in the shadow of its big trees. Unfortunately we had to go to the rail station and to buy our tickets to Martigny.
On our way we found the Art Museum and got in. The collection is great! A good number of good painting by Pisarro and Matisse, some Braque, some Picasso, one  Chagal and Le Reve by Marc that I especially loved. Well worth a visit - and fresh with air conditioning!
Coming to the river we met André Greipel walking in sweet company. But I took no pictures, you must respect the big man privacy. I didn't pay much attention to the Tour, I don'thave an accreditation and couldn't take part in the Trek press conference because it was held in the USA embassy and they require it. No matter. I'm in holyday. I read Bauke Mollema will try to beat Chris Froome and thinks he can succeed. It's going to be hard. Chris Froome thinks the Tour is still open and yes it is: he can fall or get sick. I don't see other serious menaces.
It's hot but a little fresher as the evening comes. We walk by the river then we climb the steep stairs to the city center and we have a look to the Cathedral and to the Swiss Parliament.
Time to go to sleep almost because tomorrow it's going to be a long hard day.

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