Hello and Bye-bye

Hello, I'm going to take a break from the net now: I'm off to the mountains for one week of hiking. I'll bring just my backpack and my tent. There is no way to charge a battery where I go, so no phone and no camera. Obviously no laptop.
I'm attending to the 'Natural Life Camp' by Rifugio Isera, in the Alpi Apuane. Not just hiking but also activities like yoga and dance. Vegan macrobiotic food - I'm not vegan but like it now and them - and a shared simple life
I'm looking forward to sleep in my tent, it's been a lot, too much frankly, so last night I slept directly under the stars. I was in the country with my ex hub and you know it's complicated... Last night it was very easy though, and quite romantic, that's a miracle because he is NOT romantic at all. It was fresh, not cold, we dragged a mattress on the terrace and spent the night looking above the dark sky crowded of stars, talking and enjoying the moment like in the old times. 
The sunrise is always charming here! 
He gave me a lift on his camper while going to work and I'm in Florence today. Tomorrow I'll go to Forte dei Marmi but just to pick my stuff. So bye-bye. Watch the Vuelta a Burgos in my behalf and if Team Sky wins have a beer in hour of their ds, my friend Dario Cioni. Only water where I go!

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