Hugh Carthy joins Cannondale-Drapac: Wegelius: “He’s done it the hard way"

Cannondale-Drapac DS Charly Wegelius:
“We’ve got a shared past, which isn’t the reason I went after him but the reason he came to my attention quite early. He’s trained by the guy who trained me when I was a young rider, Ken Matheson, and then he raced with John Herety at Rapha. I’ve always tracked him, kept an eye on him.
Beyond his results, which anyone can see, the thing that really impresses me about Hugh is the way he’s gone about achieving what he’s achieved. He’s done it the hard way. In a world where riders from Great Britain are wrapped up in the bubble of British Cycling, he went out and made a go of it in Pamplona and raced with a small team. He really did it the tough way.
It’s something that’s going to keep him in a good position when things get tough at this level. We already know ahead of time that Hugh can manage with very little and perform with very little. He can handle the hard yards. He’s going to know how to deal with that. And to me, that’s really promising.”

Hugh Carthy:
“I think in the end – I spoke to Charly a lot over the past year or so. It’s quite relaxed it seems. The team roster at the moment has quite a lot of young riders, also experienced riders. I think that mix is something that’s important. It’s something I’ve had here, with my current team, for the past two years. You have the guidance as well but at the same time you have some freedom. That balance was what I was looking for on a team, and Cannondale-Drapac seemed the best fit for that criteria.
You gotta go with your gut instinct. Mine told me to go with Cannondale-Drapac. It seemed like the right step. There were teams that were interested. There were teams that might have more money, this, that, whatever, but for this moment in my career, Cannondale definitely seemed like the best option for me. I’m happy with my decision. I’d say my ambition for the future is to feature in grand tours. That’s my long-term objective. And to be a good domestique for someone to go for the general classification. But I see my career in grand tours. Stage races. Hard, long stage races."

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