Still walking

Sometimes you need it: a long solo walk, lost in your thoughts, aiming your aims without the need to talk or to explain. Sometimes there is nothing to tell or even nothing to show, just the feeling it's time for you to do something new and to prove yourself.
I'm on my way again with a light backpack and a relatively big goal but I don't want to talk too loud about it because big things need a long time to grow, respect and silence.
I'm walking on beatiful hills, not far from home yet, getting ready for a very intense winter of training and descovering. I feel full of energy planning my next steps. But I must be patient and I know you don't need that much to reach your limit and gently push to go beyond it. 
I have never settled for an ordinary life and not because I think I'm extra-ordinary but probably because I don't fit in very well. When I really love something I want to get as close to it as I can, living it is my way to understand it
Living at the limit means to me living well, I need to be working hard to feel good and that's probably my limit: I can't just contemplate. I need to go, and see and write and possibily do. 
I see I'm talking about nothing, that's too abstract to result interesting. So far my travel has got the green and grey profile of my mountains and the taste of my sweat. It sounds like silence and the whisper of the forest. I'm accumulating a big lot of energy, phiscally and mentally, and I'll jump like a spring... at the right time. 
I don't feel like to be connected at the moment but walking and writing are just one for me.

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