The excitement of a new start

Hello! as you can see I'm making some major changes to the blog. 
When I started it in 2008 the focus was on procycling and procycling at that time was totally different - more about stars than sport as I use to say, a glamurous world of epic challenges and cool guys surrounded by humorous fungirls. 
The mood was deeply modified by doping scandals and the consequent moralisation - real or illusory you decide - has made it more suittable for serious dedicated athletes than for wild talents and strong personalities. Whereabout system, biological passport, a more strict code of conduct matching a more strict actitude by the procycling public, fed up and disenchanted, made for a different mix.
Cycling journalism changed too, and dramaticly. The internet made somehow superflous all the circus: riders can directly talk to fans by Twitter, teams can directly stream races and press conferences, anybody can discuss about procycling topycs in forums, blogs, face-book pages and again on twitter... so where is the point about procycling jornalism? and where is the point about journalism itself to be honest. The point should be about the quality of this information: there is a lot of shit on the internet. That's true. 
Recently I got more interested in telling stories, in well writing about races and riders, in reporting and taking pictures in spite I'm not a profesional photographer. Actually the writing quality can make the difference in such a big mess of opinions and data. I don't know if I suceeded but this was my aim.
I traveled a lot to cover races and teams' events. I liked it not only because it gave me the chance to meet on person and to talk to interesting people but also because I beloved the challenge: traveling on my own, organising, packing and unpacking, catching last minute opportunities by a team or working hard to get an interview. 
However it become boring. There is no more challenge and traveling is the only part I still really enjoy, together with writing about the travel itself. My travel as a blogger started when I fell in love for Andy Schleck, not just as rider nor simply as a guy. He really stroke me as a person, I wanted to understand him and to do that I was forced to go closer. He has been a kind of involuntary guide for me and taught me a lot, but to go closer to him I know I disguised myself. Hard to say where was the mask and where he really changed me, but now that the story is over - ...and maybe I'll tell it all one day - now that he retired and procycling has changed so much... I'm gradually checking what still belongs to me and what doesn't.
Traveling by train during the last Tour de France, I read a book that suddenly brought me back to my previous me. I wrote about it immeditely. I felt the excitement of a new start. Yeah, I'm still eager to travel and to write but I need a bigger challenge and a more personal perspective. Closing down this blog was an option, still I prefer to keep it and to just move the focus. 
Adventure, greatness and challenge: that's still the clue. Stay tuned if you want to know more! 

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