GP Wallonie - Tony Gallopin: "The further we went uphill, the better I felt and the better I was positioned in the bunch."

Tony Gallopin:
“The team did a perfect job today. All day long we were positioned on the first rows of the peloton chasing down the front group. The attack on the second last climb of the race was a good starting point. We were with seven good riders and we managed to create a small gap pretty fast. Bakelants was very good today. He was the one that set up the breakaway and his teammate Pozzovivo was among us as well. We worked together but it wasn’t perfect. That’s the reason why we were reeled in at the foot of the citadel. When we were caught by the peloton I had a moment to recover. I found my own pace and I moved up to the fifteenth position. The further we went uphill, the better I felt and the better I was positioned in the bunch. At a certain moment I felt ready to attack once again and I gave everything I had. Two years ago I finished second on the citadel. I couldn’t take the victory home. This climb suits me very well. In the last fifty metres Vakoc came really close and the stress was getting to me. Fortunately I went fast enough to bring home the victory.
The team gave me permission to change my program because I wanted to focus on the European Championships that are coming up this Sunday. That’s why I didn’t participate in the races in Canada. Instead I chose to ride the Tour of Britain before I came here for the Grand Prix de Wallonie. It feels really good to know that the team trusts me. In the Tour of Britain I felt better every day. I hoped to win a stage there, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. But my focus is on Sunday, that’s when I want to be really good.”

1 Tony Gallopin (Fra) Lotto Soudal 5:06:17
2 Petr Vakoc (Cze) Etixx - Quick-Step
3 Jérôme Baugnies (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert 0:00:01
4 Huub Duyn (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton
5 Nicolas Edet (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
6 Tiesj Benoot (Bel) Lotto Soudal 0:00:04
7 Baptiste Planckaert (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect
8 Rasmus Guldhammer (Den) Stölting Service Group
9 Jonathan Hivert (Fra) Fortuneo - Vital Concept
10 Fabian Wegmann (Ger) Stölting Service Group
11 Jan Bakelants (Bel) AG2R La Mondiale
12 Sébastien Reichenbach (Swi) FDJ
13 Tim Declercq (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
14 Pieter Weening (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton 0:00:10
15 Julien Antomarchi (Fra) Roubaix Metropole Europeenne De Lille 0:00:12
16 Sjoerd Van Ginneken (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton 0:00:17
17 Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita) AG2R La Mondiale
18 Jimmy Turgis (Fra) Roubaix Metropole Europeenne De Lille
19 Dimitri Peyskens (Bel) Veranclassic-AGO
20 Eliot Lietaer (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise 0:00:22
21 Hubert Dupont (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
22 Gaetan Bille (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
23 Lawrence Warbasse (USA) IAM Cycling
24 Fabien Doubey (Fra) FDJ
25 Rémy Rochas (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale 0:00:28
26 Rayane Bouhanni (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits 0:00:40
27 Kevin Ista (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect 0:00:43
28 Axel Flet (Fra) Veranclassic-AGO 0:00:59
29 Anthony Delaplace (Fra) Fortuneo - Vital Concept 0:01:02
30 Clement Chevrier (Fra) IAM Cycling 0:01:13
31 Thomas Sprengers (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
32 Frederik Backaert (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert 0:01:25
33 Julien Vermote (Bel) Etixx - Quick-Step
34 Xandro Meurisse (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert 0:01:45
35 Dimitri Claeys (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
36 Nick Van Der Lijke (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton
37 Benoît Vaugrenard (Fra) FDJ 0:01:49
38 Arjen Livyns (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team 0:02:46
39 Gordon De Winter (Bel) Color Code - Arden'Beef 0:03:51
40 Brecht Dhaene (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team 0:04:05
41 Antoine Warnier (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect
42 Christophe Masson (Fra) Veranclassic-AGO
43 Floris De Tier (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
44 Arnaud Gerard (Fra) Fortuneo - Vital Concept
45 Thomas Degand (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
46 Dennis Coenen (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team
47 Vegard Breen (Nor) Fortuneo - Vital Concept
48 Guillaume Martin (Fra) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
49 Stefan Denifl (Aut) IAM Cycling 0:04:19
50 Preben Van Hecke (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise 0:05:16
51 Maximilien Picoux (Bel) Color Code - Arden'Beef 0:05:20
52 Pirmin Lang (Swi) IAM Cycling 0:05:56
53 Marcel Aregger (Swi) IAM Cycling
54 Florent Pereira (Fra) Roubaix Metropole Europeenne De Lille
55 Jeremy Leveau (Fra) Roubaix Metropole Europeenne De Lille
56 Benoit Cosnefroy (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
57 Arnold Jeannesson (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits 0:06:30
58 Julien Mortier (Bel) Color Code - Arden'Beef 0:06:55
59 Marvin Tasset (Bel) Color Code - Arden'Beef
60 Sebastien Carabin (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon 0:07:44
61 Sander Armee (Bel) Lotto Soudal 0:08:27
62 Jelle Vanendert (Bel) Lotto Soudal
63 Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Col) Etixx - Quick-Step
64 Michael Reihs (Den) Stölting Service Group
65 Sam Lennertz (Bel) Veranclassic-AGO
66 Anthony Perez (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits 0:09:13
67 Christophe Laporte (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
68 Dorian Godon (Fra) Cofidis, Solutions Credits 0:09:18
69 Adrien Costa (USA) Etixx - Quick-Step
70 Cédric Pineau (Fra) FDJ
71 Antoine Loy (Bel) Color Code - Arden'Beef
72 Thomas Petit (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon 0:10:05
73 Ludwig De Winter (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect
74 Michel Kreder (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton 0:10:36
75 Felix Pouilly (Fra) Roubaix Metropole Europeenne De Lille
76 Gerry Druyts (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team 0:12:52
77 Dieter Bouvry (Bel) Roubaix Metropole Europeenne De Lille 0:13:54
78 Maxime Vantomme (Bel) Roubaix Metropole Europeenne De Lille
79 Charlie Arimont (Bel) Color Code - Arden'Beef
80 Kevin Van Melsen (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
81 Julien Van Den Brande (Bel) Veranclassic-AGO
82 Johan Hemroulle (Bel) Color Code - Arden'Beef
83 Auxence Buntinx (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon
84 Pieter Jacobs (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team
85 Dries Van Gestel (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
86 Rob Ruijgh (Ned) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team
87 Gregory Habeaux (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect
88 Massimo Vanderaerden (Bel) Veranclassic-AGO
89 Oliver Zaugg (Swi) IAM Cycling
90 Reinier Honig (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton
91 Joachim Vanreyten (Bel) Crelan-Vastgoedservice Continental Team
92 Ludovic Robeet (Bel) Color Code - Arden'Beef
93 Ivan Garcia Cortina (Spa) Etixx - Quick-Step
94 Christian Mager (Ger) Stölting Service Group
95 Sven Reutter (Ger) Stölting Service Group
96 Thomas Koep (Ger) Stölting Service Group
97 Steven Tronet (Fra) Fortuneo - Vital Concept
98 Jean-Marc Bideau (Fra) Fortuneo - Vital Concept
99 Tom Dernies (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect
100 Moritz Backofen (Ger) Stölting Service Group
101 Aleksejs Saramotins (Lat) IAM Cycling
102 Franck Bonnamour (Fra) Fortuneo - Vital Concept
103 Maurits Lammertink (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton
104 Gert Joeaar (Est) Cofidis, Solutions Credits
105 Kenny De Ketele (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
106 Stef Van Zummeren (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team
107 Aimé Degendt (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
108 Greg Henderson (NZl) Lotto Soudal
109 Guillaume Delvaux (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon 0:15:56
110 Tim Wellens (Bel) Lotto Soudal 0:16:02
111 Sander Cordeel (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team
112 Guillaume Haag (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon
113 Tim De Troyer (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team
114 Nicolas Mertz (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon
115 Wesley Kreder (Ned) Roompot - Oranje Peloton
116 Victor Van Bost (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon
117 Davide Martinelli (Ita) Etixx - Quick-Step
118 Rodrigo Contreras (Col) Etixx - Quick-Step
119 Dylan Kowalski (Fra) Roubaix Metropole Europeenne De Lille
120 Kevin Deltombe (Bel) Lotto Soudal 0:16:20
121 Johan Le Bon (Fra) FDJ 0:16:42
DNF Elias Van Breussegem (Bel) Veranda's Willems Cycling Team
DNF Thomas Deruette (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect
DNF Julien Stassen (Bel) Wallonie Bruxelles - Group Protect
DNF Bavo Haemels (Bel) T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon
DNF Justin Jules (Fra) Veranclassic-AGO
DNF Samuel Leroux (Fra) Veranclassic-AGO
DNF Benoit Jarrier (Fra) Fortuneo - Vital Concept
DNF Frederik Frison (Bel) Lotto Soudal
DNF Guillaume Van Keirsbulck (Bel) Etixx - Quick-Step
DNF Marc Fournier (Fra) FDJ
DNF Arnaud Courteille (Fra) FDJ
DNF Laurent Pichon (Fra) FDJ
DNF Jonathan Fumeaux (Swi) IAM Cycling

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