I can't sleep

It's AGAIN that period of the year. Working as a teacher in Italy has become a nightmare. I don't dare to explain the perverse mechanism of the Italian educational system's hiring - it's too compliacte and frankly it makes no sense - I'll just tell you what it means for thousands of school workers. 
First of all, rules incessantly change. Almost every year a 'reform' invests the educational system and as a results it's more a series of uneven layers than a coherent whole. That involves also the hiring requitements and the kinds of contract so teachers as workers are divided and opposed against each other and isolated in front of their conterpart, that's the Goverment because in Italy schools are mostly public.
Secondly and since a long time teachers only get temporary jobs in spite they cover vacancies, as a consequence they don't get paied during the long summer holydays and every year at the begining of September they have to wait and see if, what and where they will eventually teach. 
Finally, last year's reform - called 'La buona scuola', the good school... what an implicit ironny! - has been particulraly devastating. It forced thousands of teachers to choose between getting a fix job far away from home and loosing any chace to be hired. We are talking about thousands of people aged 40 or even 50, often with a family, working as teachers since ten or more years, owing a degree and a specialisation. But that's capitalism you'll say! well... yes and no. Schools are obviously everywhere and working in his or her city isn't normally a big issue for a teacher, moreover because we used to be enroled in local lists in order of seniority and offerend a fix job in the same order whenever a vacancy emerged. The reform aimed to destroy this system and managed to. Only few people - me included - refused to be hired at the new conditions and we still are in the local lists. That means people with less points than me have got hired earlier than me, maybe sent or come from far away in a totally illogical way. There are schools and teachers but the reform refuses to match the two according with the teachers' choise and as a consequence school is now a huge mess, with teachers asking to move from the schools they accepted and schools with no teachers yet, one week from to their opening. 
The final goal of the Goverment seems the complete privatisation of the educational system and the complete defeat of the school workers' category. Each one is paniking at the moment and caring just about him or herself. Unions are too close to the Government to organise a real fight against the reform. 
As far as me, I can't sleep more than four hours per night lately. I'm awfully stressed because I'm the first one in my local list and normally I should get a fix job. But we have no official information and a lot of rumors. It isn't easy to carry wondering if you'll have a job, where and how, or none! It isn't easy especially when you have other in mind and you need money to achieve your goals. 
I try to stay cool. The gym helps me to focus on my training and I have a list of intermediate targets. Still at night the big silence of the moon makes me thoughful, too much to sleep, so I take again "The climb" by Anatoli Bukreev and read it for hours...

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