Manuel Quinziato Ready for Eneco Tour TT: "I think I'm pretty close to 100%"

BMC Dr. Max Testa:
"Manuel Quinziato has been recovering from a fractured collarbone sustained in a crash during the Tour of Poland in July. After respecting the necessary time off the bike, Manuel has been recovering very well and is back to a normal training training program without experiencing any pain on the bike. He has been on a team time trial training camp which has helped him to regain more fitness, before he returns to racing at the Eneco Tour."

Manuel Quinziato:
"I'm going pretty good. I just finished the first training camp for the team time trial and my shape is pretty good. The injury and the three weeks that I couldn't ride by bike on the road definitely put my shape backwards. But in this last month I have really improved and these days at the camp I had really good feelings so I think I'm pretty close to 100%. I still have another ten days before Eneco Tour so I think that I'll really be ready to race and do a good individual TT and team time trial."

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