Mountaineering: All-female Afghan team on the top of Shah Fuladi

In  a four day long expedition 17 Afghan women successfully climbed Shah Fulad, 4951 m (Foladi peak), one of the highest points of Bamyan province, located in the mountain range of Kohi Baba (Koh- i-Baba / Kohi Baba / Kvhe Baba in the Hindukush).
Bamyan, Ghazni, Wardak, Badakhshan, Nangarhar and Parwan, all climbers coming from the province of Kabul, covered a total of eight kilometers. The event was held by the organization Ascend Athletics. 
The Province's Governor Mohammad Tahir Zuhair warmly spoke about mountain climbing as a sport and as a wellness, and said that groups of climbers are welcome.
The Province of Bamiyan is one of the most attractive for tourists due to the unique landscape and numerous archaeological sites, but the complexity of the infrastructure and security issues have been so far an obstacle in the turning of these advantages into a source of profit. Currently, the unemployment rate is very high in Bamiyan.


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