Strike, bike and mountain adventure

Riding at dawn...
Today I'm on strike. It's a general strike against a Goverment and Prime Minister who are devastating this country. Italy comes from a tweety years of wild liberalisation, workers lost power and are way poorer than before, 1 on 2 is unemplyed and just 1 woman on 3 works, there is a large number of youths who are not studying nor working, mafiosi get reacher and reacher while college teachers earn 1.400 euros for month
A lot of reach people don't pay taxes but poor people, often old ones, are stripped of everything and thrown in the street because they can't pay anymore. Public services are a disaster because public workers are few, and they work too much and for a miserable salary. Infrastructures are used by mafiosi as an easy way to make money so the old ones are a disaster and the new ones are never finished. 
...and back at dusk
Public school is a complete mess, something I have never seen before: we are at the end of October and teachers don't know their working place yet. Some classes still don't have all their teachers and all teachers still don't have their definitive job, not even their job for the year but are working with a temporary contract in a school they will probably leave. And so far teachers have been NOT payed. Last year teachers with a temporary job have been NOT payed until January. Yes, you got it right: teachers have been working for five months getting no salary. In the public school.
I think Italians have got good reasons to be on strike. Instead they actually don't strike, the most of Italians think it's useless or they are afraid or they just can't lose a day pay money. 
As I told you in a previous post, working as a teacher in Italy has become a nightmare. I should get a fix job as a teacher now, I'm the first one in the list, but I'm working with a temporary contract, waiting at least a contract for the year. I teach philosophy in six classes of a college for languages and I don't want to start it all again in another school. It takes time to get to know your students, to build a relationship, to explain how you work and what they are expected to do. Students are the last worry of our Goverment, workers come even later.
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Everyday I ride my bike to school before 8 am and I'm normally back at 1pm. Sometimes I have a meeting in the afternoon. Pedaling by the river in the early morning I enjoy the soft colours of the dawn. I have to climb some stairs in cyclocross style to get on the bridge and then to push up on a short climb, in the ancient narrow roads running in the country between high stone walls. It's a nice commute and I only give up on it when it's raining very hard.
I have five days of holyday at the end of the month and I'm NOT going to give up on a short adventure in the mountain. Refugees are closed in this period, a little snow already whitened the peack in the Alps but the skiing season has not started yet. It's the perfect moment to enjoy the silence in a fairy atmosphere. But it must be well organised... 

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