Mountain - Hiking Itineraries: Monte Cimone and Corno alle Scale 2

Cimoncino parking place in the morning
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We  woke up early on Monday 10/31. Vesale was wrapped in a thick mist. We had a generous breakfast, then we drove to Cimoncino, where the cablecar starts and there is a large parking place. We were now beyond the clouds! a white soft sea was floating over the valley. Here a glorious sun was shining in a perfect blue ski. 
Our way up
The parking place was completely empty, the carcable and the few shops were closed. We wore our mountain boots, took our backpacks and went straight toward the big peak. At that point a discussion rose: "I don't want to climb by the ski slopes" I stated "I want to follow the CAI track". But we couldn't find any CAI signal around and Tiziano was already gone, as usual, without a word! I got furious and in the end we climbed to the summit of Monte Cimone by a very odd route: not by the sky slopes nor by the track. We just went straight on the dry grass and it became more and more steep until we reached the ridge just under the summit.
It wasn't nice. First of all the area is full of scraps and garbage, wasted by the cablecar and the ski slopes. Then it was awfully hot! I was still a little sick so it was painful for me to climb so straight. Finally I was angry. 
We took a breath at the foot of the last hard climb. Monte Cimone! it had been towering all the time just over me. It still looked far. I was feeling exhausted. I understood that if I had stopped I wouldn't had had the strength to start again, that's why I speeded up the rocky steps, a foot in front of the other, mechanicly. A strange euphory was pushing me up. Son and husband followed perplexed. They were stronger than me and quickly went ahead. All my energy was gone. The last meters were an agony.
But finally I got to the summit, and kept walking toward the highest point, beyond the military area and the observatory, where many people were already siting and laying eating their lunch or contemplating the wide amazing view. The most of them had arrived from Pian Cavallaro or Passo del Lupo by an easy track. I took some pictures and collapsed.
Atop Monte Cimone
I was looking around. It was beautiful  but I wasn't happy. I took my sandwich out from my backpack and started eating in silence. What is this? humans think they can do what they want with the mounatin, using it to make money, wasting it and leaving around their garbage as if it was perfectly normal. Humans have no respect. They say they love the mountain, then they should come on tiptoe, holding their breath and avoiding to leave any trace. They should pay with a little pain the privilege to step so high, to enjoy this view...
Monte Cimone, like many other peaks, was a holy place in the prehistoric times. Where the Earth seems to touch the Sky prayers fly straight to the invisble gods.
On the lower slopes of the big mountain shepherds and cattle have shared for ages a simple humble life. 
The first ascents took place only in the late XVI century, when bold explorers climbed the mountain for sport and curious scientists experimented at altitude about pressure and the atmosphere composition. In 1892 an octagonal tower was built to serve as an observatory. In 1908 a chappel was built and dedicated to the Madonna.
In 1939 the Cimone's summit became a military area and as a consequence the project to build a refuge was abandoned. The military istallation gained importance during the 'cold war' and it's still in activity. There is a secret military tunnel linking the summit to the road in Pian Cavallaro. Monte Cimone is now and mostly a winter ski resort. And a profaned place.
Monte Cimone from our way down
At about 2 pm we started the descent, by the regular route to Lago della Ninfa (1500 m). We arrived at dusk and the small lake was surrounded by the mist. There was a fascinating atmosphere, a deep silence. The sunset light reflected in the dark water was looking unreal. It was so late... We had to find our way back to the car and it wasn't easy. We took a road leading to the ski slopes and we walked down to the parking place, in a compact mist. 

My car was all alone and I had to drive to Vesale seeing almost nothing. On the bright side... there was absolutely no traffic!

Lago della Ninfa
Lago della Ninfa
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