Mountain - Hiking Itineraries: Monte Cimone and Corno alle Scale 3


Lago Scaffaiolo
On  Tuesday 11/1 we packed all and drove to Corno alle Scale. It was sunny but rather windy. This wasn't my main problem though... I quickly developped a severe diarrhoea! and how you can see in the pictures Corno alle Scale is a bald mountain, just covered on short dry grass, shaped by an ancient gracier. 
I'm not going to give you dettails but let me say it has been a hard ascent for me, with several forced stops. 
It wasn't just the need to poo but moreover the general weakness and fever. It wasn't about to climb the Manaslu, the path climbing from the cable car's start to Lago Scaffaiolo (1775 m) is an easy one. In those conditions it became a challenge. I didn't give up and finally got to ridge and to the lake.
Tiziano had gone ahead and came taking my backpack. My son instead had slowed down to stay with me and looked a little concerned. I was deadly pale it seems, and was feeling cold. It was cold indead and the wind was increasing its strength.
There was a lot of people inside the small refuge, we also found some friends. A plate of polenta was our lunch, that I limited to few mouthful. Then we put on warm clothes and began the descent, taking a shortcut to the parking place.
In spite I was sick, I loved it. The landscape is lunar, the silence immense. It was too cold to rest by the lake but that's a very nice spot. The summit of Corno alle Scale (1945) is about 1 h away.
Here I must return.
The holyday was over and we went home. 

Lago Scaffaiolo
The refuge

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