A solitary path...

This morning I got my new passport, had my booking confirmed and prepared something special I want to bring to the Annapurna base camp in memory of Anatoli Boukreev. I have a few things to buy yet, including a list of medicines, but basicly I'm ready.
I'm suffering again because of the vaccine. Or maybe I have got a flu. In anycase I don't feel fine. In add I feel lonely, as usual before a travel, because I always travel alone. Mine it's a solitary path. I can handle it, sure: I'm used to. Still I feel something is missing, or somebody. 
This feeling is especially strong while I prepare my backpack, when I go shopping checking my equipment list. I can't avoid to regret that there is nobody sharing these moments with me.
Traveling alone is fine, I love to. The focus is on the travel, not on the company nor on the relationship. But I'd like to share the leaving, to get a confirmation.
I don't really know because it's nostalgia of something I have never had.

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