Himalayan Dreams: Breathing again... and 700 euros in equipment

"If you can and you want to take part in the trek I suggest you book now. The group is almost complete". This was the message. It was about midnight and my phone's display had suddenly lit up. 
I had spent the afternoon by Climb, a shop by the other side of Florence. It's far but it offers a large range of high quality brands, including Salewa, that I like. I had spent almost 700 euros in equipment checking my list with some satisfation and no regret:
Risultati immagini per marmot minimalist women's jacket"a lighter, towels, trek poles, thermal underwear, a water bottle, a bag to be left by the hotel in Kathmandu, tights, socks (long and short), trousers (long and short), a shirt, a cap, toilet paper, flip-flop for the shower, a swiss knife, waterproof over pants, a rope for the laundry, a bathing suit, a wool bonnet, a pair of gaiters, a Goretex windbreaker parka, a down jacket, gloves (woolen mitts are perfect), a kit for personal hygiene, a first aid kit, a headlamp with extra batteries, padlocks (to lock the bag and the doors of the lodges room), thermal long sleeve technical shirts, clothes pegs, sunglasses, a balaclava, a pile jacket (windstopper or very warmy), a sleeping bag (temperature: Comfort -5 ° C - Extrem -15 ° C), lots of plastic canvas to cover the bags, wet wipes, soap for washing clothes, sneakers, boots or hiking shoes, scarf or neck guard, a thermos, short / long sleeves cotton T-shirt , a 35 / 40lt backpack  and its backpack cover."
The shop guy, my husband and I had eventually agreed that waterproof overpants weren't needed as I already have one pair of Montura pants that are more or less waterproof and I had bought another pair of pants, more technical, by Mountain Hardwear.
Immagine correlataIn the end I had bought nothing by Salewa because their sizes didn't suit me very well. Instead I bought a 'shell', a down jacket and waistcoat (or vest?) by Marmot. Light, confortable and hopefully useful.
I bought also a pair of gaiters (Trango) good also for a short person like me, and a beautiful backpack by Alpine Lowe
So now I was ready to go. Still holding my breath because I'm still waiting for my new passport but basicly sure I'm leaving. 
The message upset me. I thought: ok, I'll fix it tomorrow. Almost immediately I got up and wrote back to the trek leader: - "Can I book without the passport number?!", "Yes you can, the system permits it because we take the visa in Kathmandu airport".switched on my laptop, grabbed my credit card and booked.
So easy! I can breath again. I have a few days to add my passport number but it should be ready the next week.
Tomorrow I'll take the 3rd and last vaccine pill against typhoid: the first one, on Monday, made me rather sick, with headache and nausea, the 2nd one, yesterday, just gave me a little headache. It's effective 10 days after the last pill and it lasts several years.
Risultati immagini per mountain hardwear women's daphnia pantsIt seems I'm really going to the Annapurna Base Camp! 
Risultati immagini per trangoworld gaiters

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