Mountain - Hiking Itineraries: from Caldine to Monte Senario

Cold. One of the coldest days so far this year. And I was eager to try my new equipment. But I had few time and Tiziano wasn't feeling that good due to a persistent backache. No Alps this time, we decided to go hiking on the hills of Fiesole, very close to Florence and my place. However I'm in need to train so the elevation must be decent. Monte Senario proved a good option.
As a child I used to go there with my parents almost every Sunday to fill bottles with the good water at the monastery's fountain. I remember the icy cold of the morning in winter and my ridicolously posh dress. A life ago, or two.
This morning I was wearing my Mountain Hard Wear trousers, my old Salewa shirt and my beautiful new pile jacket by Montura. My Alpine Lowe backpack on my shoulders I was ready to go.
It was cloudy, almost snowy when we left the village of Caldine (295 m) looking for the CAI track n.14. We had bought two sandwiches by the local grocery and we had two bottles of plain water, plus some delicious ginger-flavoured chocolate bar that Tiziano had acquired in Valvaraita, western Alps.
The first part of the track follows the road, among the new houses of La Querciola, then it becomes a dirty road in fenced fields dotted of rural houses and ancient villas. 
After Villa Campolungo and Villa Capacci the path gets into the forest and climbs to the woody summit of Poggio Capanne. Here there is a large open meadow and we stopped to eat our lunch.
The landscape is great: Fiesole appears like a pearl surrounded by beautiful hills. The dramatic light of the sun breaking through the clouds made it special and magic.
From here the track runs on the highland between Polcanto and Bivigliano, wide and green. In the distance, on the top of a fir forest, the monastery of Monte Senario dominates the scene. A short stretch of tarmac road and we reached the steep straight dirty road leading to the holy place.
The monastery was established in 1245 by seven nobles from Florence, founding members of the Servite order. It's a beautiful building rich in history and art. We took a short rest and admired the stunning view.
On our way back, on the same track, Tiziano's back was aching a lot. It had prevented him to sleep last night so... he's sleeping now, beside me, while I'm writing this article. I really apreciate that he came hiking with me in spite of all!

Time: 5 hours
Elevation: 520 m
Where: Hills near Fiesole, Firenze, Tuscany, Italy
Start and finish: Caldine (295 m) or La Querciola. It's possible to get there by train or by bus (n.21 or 45).
Summit: Monte Senario (815 m)
Signals: CAI 14 (red and white) then CAI 00 (red and white).
Things to seePoggio Capanne (602 m), the view of Fiesole, the Monastery of  Monte Senario. 

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