Mountaineering: Tamara Lunger Won Gazzetta dello Sport Award for Fair Play

Image may contain: 2 people, close-upThe Italian mountaineer was part of the expedition to the 8.000 m Nagnga Parbat including also Simone Moro. Feeling exhausted, 70 m to the summit she decided to renounce and came back to the camp on her own. As generous as brave, she's a role model for every sport person!

Simone Moro:
Image may contain: 1 person, close-up"I remember that 100 m to go she said me: If I get to the summit you have to help me to descend. But we were all exhausted. The summit isn't the aim, it's just a 50% of the work: then you have to descend. I told her to stay calm and I kept my pace, not too slow to avoid to freeze. We lost contact with her when the climb turned less steep, we couldn't see her anymore. She stopped and turned back.  She saved her life but she also helped us because on our way down the light of her tent has been a relieve!"

Tamara Lunger:
"I want to climb again 8.000 m mountains, not the Nanga though because I'm at peace with that peack.”

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