Lost in Nepal 10: From Landruk to Phedi and Pokhara

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Annapurna from Landruk
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Last day of the trekking. We took a picture just outside the lodge with the whole group, trekkers and porters, Italians and Nepalis. It was coming to a end and I wasn't ready for it. Fortunately my thoat was better, but I had a bad cold. 
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Our group (trekkers and porters)
We left Landruk at 8 am and climbed to the top of another hill, where we had our lunch... or at least we tried! we sat at the table and ordered but after almost two hours (!) we barely got some tea. Then dishes started coming, and we found out that the restaurant was basicly closed, there was a cook and there was some food but our porters had to prepare almost everything, and to serve it also. It seems that by that side of the mountain the season is over...
We arrived to Phedi in the afternoon, and the porters got their tips. They were standing in front of us, ordinately in a row, and our team leader gave each one 40 euros. After that, each one came to thank us individually with big smiles, handshakes and pats on the shoulders. It was touching, especially when I say bye to the good old Satra. He looked confused like a child! Lalit was a little a part, because we were going to meet again in Kathmandu, where he lives. 
But the real farwell was in Pokhara. We all got on the same bus indead, and it brought us directly to our hotel. Here we got off, while the porters remained on, as they were going to travel at night, six hours to Kathmandu and more on foot for someones. Ram Bir was going to stay with us in Pokhara, then we were flying back to Kathmandu.
Pokhara is a nice city, more tourist than Kathmandu, also smaller and less cahotic. Less traffic means less pollution, the lake is really beautiful and the main street full of shops and restaurants. It was a little shocking after so many days in the mountains... Then I was half sick and rather sad. 
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Machapuchare from Pokhara
That night we made a mistake: the mountaineer Pompili, the one we had met on the way to the Annapurna Base Camp, was coming the next day and we had arranged to go eating in the famous (?) "Everest" steakhouse. He assured it's a very fascinating place and the food is good. We decided to go there also that first night, to find out that it wasn't that fascinating and the food was definitely bad. In add... we had some problem in understanding the waiter, probably because we were used to our porters' accent in English, and they came from a different area of Nepal. 
Anyway, after dinner I left the company and went straight to bed. It involved a solo walk at night in the barely illuminated street of Pokhara, and I thought I was a little mad but it was too late. Probably I was just very tired: Nepal is one of the less dangerous countries I have ever visited... 


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