Mountain - Hiking Itineraries: Pian Cancelli in the Snow. Joyfully!

Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and natureFirst time in the mountains since when I'm back from Nepal. I was looking forward! Especially because we had a lot of snow in Italy in the last weeks. 
Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and natureOn Sunday morning I brought my son to his team training and drove to Castagno d'Andrea - San Godenzo, Firenze - then up on the road to Fonte del Borbotto, where the path to Monte Falterona's top starts. Son was going to ride home on his own. 
Image may contain: tree, outdoor and natureNormally you park the car where the road ends, but now I had to stop 5 km to go due to the snow. It wasn't a surprise but I was wearing just my mountain boots, no crampons, no poles. Mountaineering skis would have been more appropriate! 
I walked on the road covered in snow, then took a shortcut. I arrived to the Fonte del Borbotto and went on until Pian Cancelli
Image may contain: mountain, sky, nature and outdoorI was happy, full of energy and full of joy. The snow was soft and cold, the sun was shining and it was almost hot. I find the time to roll about like a dog.
Some christals were unusally big on the surface of the snow: it was the amazing phenomenon of frost! 
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, snow, sky, tree, close-up, outdoor and natureI took a break to eat, then I came back: the daylight was already fading. And then it was so sweet talking with my love, so far away and still always so close...

Time: 5 hours
Elevation: 800 m
Where: Monte Falterona, Casentino, Tuscany, Italy
Start and finish: somewhere on the road from Castagno d'Andrea (727 m) and Fonte del Borbotto (1210 m)
Summit: Pian Cancelli (1540 m)
Image may contain: sky, snow, outdoor and natureSignals: CAI 16 (red and white) 
Things to see: Fonte del Borbotto (where it's possible to fill bottles), the view from Pian Cancelli, the forest.

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