Cyclocross: Krawatencross

Elite Women's finish
In the Elite Men key was probably a wrong move by Wout van Aert who almost crashed on Mathieu van der Poel when he was supposed to attack. It happened in the last lap, when they had just caught Lars van der Haar.
My favourite Dutch did very well. He saved energy and attacked only 2 laps to go. Probably it was too early anyway. But it has been a pleasure to watch him fly! bravo!
Tom Meeusen was also in a good shape and he well deserved his podium place.
Wout van Aert is the winner of the series.

Lars van der Haa:
"Had fun in Lille today! Kept trying! But didn't pay off. Do love to try though! You never know if it pays off or not! #attack!!!"

Elite Women
1. Maud Kaptheijns
2. Sanne Cant
3. Laura Verdonschot
U23 Men
1. Quinten Hermans,
2. Thijs Aerts,
3. Eli Iserbyt
Junior Men
1. Florian Vermeers
2. ArneVrachten,
3. ToonVandebosch
Elite Men
1.Van der Poel,
2.Van Aert,
5.van der Haar, 6.van Kessel
9.Davidvan der Poel
10. Baestaens


Anonymous said...

Hoping for a healthy Las next year cuz two man races are getting old. Good to see Las come back to form even though it's very last.

Ilaria said...

Yes hopefully! :D