Waiting and Foreseeing: New Nepali Songs

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My window
It kept raining all night long, and it's still raining... but my cyclamen blooms anyway. 
One month already since the last night we spent in Kathmandu, almost two months to go... 
"Lovers are patients" Rumi says "They know it takes time to the moon to get full".
He also says that "waiting is foreseeing" and yes, I'm very good at it. More realisticly, I call it daydreaming, and I think it's affecting my effectiveness. 
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Presence is required to teach Philosophy: body, mind and soul. You must be there, you must be aware of what you are doing, but it isn't enough, because you must be persuaded it matters. When I'm teaching fortunately I'm focused, I love what I'm doing and I even forget about the rest. 
When I'm not teaching however I struggle to concentrate, and daydreaming takes over. I feel like doing nothing, especially when in Nepal is night and my love is sleeping. I feel as if my day is over too... Instead it's 5 pm and I have a lot of things to do.
In order to keep myself going after 5 pm I started listening to Nepali music. At the begining it was mostly traditional music but I quickly discovered the new Nepali songs' scene and I find it very interesting. 
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Debesh Rai sings Hami Nepali
I can't say I'm an expert but it's right to adfirm that Nepal is a young country and this fact affect the mainstream culture. Only the 8% of the population is over 60, the average age is around 20 or less, the most of the people live in small towns and villages but Kathmandu is a big city, moreover the internet is changing the way those youths conceive themselves, and music reflects this change.
Like in India, musical movies are very popular, so many popular songs are movie songs, as far as I see still quite linked to the tradition: love stories in a rural location, traditional instruments but a modern arrangement. Songwriters and rock bands are something new. They look at the international music world, use modern instruments and a modern musical language. Sometimes they interpretate traditional subjects - like courting - in a new way, sometimes they chose new subjects, social or political, trying to represent the new reality of Nepal after the 2008 revolution.
A good exemple of love song interpretated in a new way is "San Nani" by Babu Bogati (2006), a talented songwriter and guitar player is Debesh Rai, who's also author of some great rock interpretation of traditional songs like Hami Nepali or THIS song he dedicated to his mother. An original song by Debesh Rai is Jeet Ma Taali
But there is plenty of Nepali music to discover! I suggest you listen to Radio Kantipur or look for new Nepali songs on YouTube.
Time to daydreamng a little for me. Bye!

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