Mountaineering: Help Mount Everest Cleaning Up!

Image result for everestAccording to Kathmandu Post "Nepal is urging climbers on Mount Everest [...] to help remove garbage from a camp abandoned two years ago after an earthquake triggered avalanches killing 18 people". On this purpose "ten huge canvas bags each capable of holding 80 kg (176 lbs) of trash are to be placed at the ruined site of Camp Two on Mount Everest for climbers to deposit garbage they have retrieved".
Tourism Department official Durga Dutta Dhakal said This way we hope to bring down the trash without any extra cost, using helicopters that return empty after dumping climbing ropes at the high camp 
"Sherpas would be paid to pick up the trash" added Russell Brice, by Himalayan Experience guiding company. “We will pay $2 for each kilo of trash the sherpas bring down.” 
Kathmandu Post explains that "mountaineers have removed more than 16 tonnes of trash from Everest in the past, but there are no estimates of how much still litters the mountain."

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