Mountaineering - Nanga Parbat: Mariano Galvan and Alberto Zerain, somewhere on Mazeno Ridge

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In Nepal the good season is over. The summer monsoon is already making the daily life hard, with swollen rivers, slides and muddy (no)roads. 
Two children died crossing a bridge in Nele, Solukhumbo, grabbed by the wild water while they were going to school. The (no)road to the Annapurna circuit trekking is invaded by savage water and many important road are interrupted because of damages due to the heavy rain. 
Still the rain is greeted with relief by the rural population: it's time to plant and plants need water. It's also very hot, so people enjoy the pourring rain like a fresh natural shower.
Expeditions moved to Pakistan and among the brave mountaineers attempting to summit Nanga Parbat (8.126 m) there are also Mariano Galvan and Alberto Zerain, without oxygen, without support, carrying all they need and this small yellow tent. 
They arrived on June 15th to the Base Camp, then started climbing the Mazeno Ridge but was forced to stop due to the bad weather. After two days over 5.000 m they started again. According to 2x14x8.000  "the last communication [...] took place on Friday, the 23rd. In it, Alberto said not only that his health was good but added that they were going up the route on a fast pace [...] given that the weather forecast for the following days was unfavorable." 

They were at about 6.000 m at that time and the tracker shows that they kept walking for about six hours on Saturday 24th. Then probably their batteries went off.
Alberto Zerain already tried this route in 2011: it's the longest and one of the most technical among all the route reaching the summit of an 8.000 m peak. Mariano Galvan joined this time and they make for a very strong team.
Fingers crossed and good luck!

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