Next travel aim: "I love the Iranian pride to be a wild anomaly"

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March 2004 Me in Tehran 
My Nepali love story badly finished. I don't understand why, but it doesn't matter.
I'm not good at writing finales. I think death is the only real finale, so when I was younger I used to kill all my main characters. Now I'm older and I know that open finales are more interesting... Let's turn another page.
Summer has just begun and my main adventure will be a three weeks travel to Iran.
I have been there in 2005 when I was part of a political delegation, and I had the chance to meet unions' activists, deputees, intellectuals and artists. It was a crucial moment in the Iran's history because the 'progressive' Khatamy was engagged in a arm wrestling with the conservative religious leader Khameney. Khatamy was openly supported by USA and EU because of his liberist reforms - mostly aborted - that I didn't like. 
In my opinion Iran must take care of its revolution. Mixed economy (private, public and cooperative) and popular democracy (parliament and revolution's keepers committee) have made for a rich and dynamic society, showing all its strength in the recent elections. Limits are also obvious, and Iranians are working on them, but they know shortcuts are dangerous and uneffective. I love the Iranian pride to be a wild anomaly.
Iran: Central Alborz mountains
Next August I'm going to visit Iran again and this time I'll travel with some Persian friends, as a guests in their family's house. It's a big chance to glimpse the soul of the country by a more intimate perspective.
I'm going to stay in Tehran, where there is plenty of things to see and to do, and I'd like to go trekking on the mountains next to the capital city. Last time I spent two days in the amazing Isfahan, this time I'm going to visit Shiraz
Then again the end of my last relationship left me totally drained. I need a break. August is too far. I think I'll pack my tent and will go to the mountains

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