Mountaineering - Nanga Parbat: Mourning Mariano Galvan and still waiting for miracles

Image result for Mariano Galvan nanga parbatMiracles are facts we don't know (yet) the cause. Surprise is the matter of life. Humans can't easily give up on love and hope. Mourning is the long miserable path leading from disbelieve to acceptance, and humans always turn back, and many many times, increasing their suffering, prolonging their pain. That's how it works. Even amputated parts keep aching for a long time. Because pain is a feeling much more than a sensation.
The Military Aviation of Pakistan stopped the searching of Mariano Galván and Alberto Zerain, for the authorities the two mountaneers are officially dead and the international mountaineering community is mourning. Where their radiotracker went out there is sign of a large avalanche and it last marked a fall of 150 meters to about 6.000 m. 
But according to Todo Noticias  Mariano Galvan could be still alive, that's what his mother firmly believes.

Alba Galvan: "The search was over, they gave him for dead, my intimate circle gives me the hope of continuing to look for a few more days, they were well fed because they had food that was going to last until Thursday. My son has a good mental preparation to withstand these great challenges so I have faith that Mariano appears in a few days. I would like the search to be by land and not by helicopter. All the people around my son support me. There is a lot of good energy." 

It's possible to support the searching donating HERE: 
Banco Nación sucursal 1099, caja de ahorro 6470467217, Cbu: 0110647930064704672179 cuil: 27-13569504-7

I'm in the middle of my own murining. The drama of Mariano Galvan and Alberto Zerain happened in a very hard moment in my personal life. As if all is falling down, as if there is nothing left. Of course nothing really changed in the world, just my perception. Life is a glorious chaos, the only meaning it has, humans gave it, each one his or her personal meaning. I had the feeling that my sense of life was close to Mariano Galvan's. Just like Anatoli Boukreev, he is a similar soul. People talking about the 'recklessness of mountaneers' or even of a 'useless death'... evidently gave a different meaning to their lives, and that's fine as far as they respect the others' choice.
Mountaneers - not the tourists of the mountains circus - don't need and often don't care to be understood in their quest. I still believe that Mariano Galvan could be alive, that miracles happen, that we don't know all the causes, that reality often goes beyond our expectation. I'm also waiting for my little miracle. And living meanwhile...

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