A month in Iran: reportage 1 - Salam, khouby?

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The amazing result of an Iranian make up!
I'm very good at going far but not so much at coming back, probably because I have no roots. I'm like those flowers blooming on a different tree... 
After one month in Iran I feel the cultural shock here in Italy. Teheran is a huge modern city, while Florence is a small lovely town.
I have visited Isfahan (for the second time), Shiraz (for the first time) including the superb remains of Persepolis and Pasagorde, the rural area of Natanz and the mountains of central Alborz, climbing a 3.000 m peack. 
I have been living at home with my Iranian friends in one of the more expensive area of Tehran, enjoying their warm hospitality and their delicious home cooked food, sharing their lives, including the hairdresser and a make up that transformed me in a stunning Iranian beauty! 
Ok I'm joking... forget about the make up, I'm not going to do it at home.
I'm a Shi'a Muslim so I took the chance to vist some beautiful shrines, and that has been an intense experience. But I'm also a communist militant, so it has been interesting for me to discuss about politics with the Iranian youths, the most engagged in a peaceful change of their country, some eager to imitate the western model, others aware of the positive sides of the Iranian Revolution but ready to innovate to keep it alive.
I have many stories to tell and many pictures to share. It's going to take a while. But if you are curious you can have a look to my Instagram account , where I published a few pictures during my stay. In Iran Instagram is the only working social media, so I used it.
On a personal note, I'm putting my pieces together again. My heart is all broken... but still beating strong.

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