My Nepal: Solo Trekking in Langtang

Update imageNamaste! 
It has been a long time since the last time you heard from me, I'm sorry. I have been very busy with my job in school - that's now full time and permanent - and also with a new political project I really believe in. Holidays are coming and on Sunday I'll fly to Nepal again.
My friends know how many things happened since the last time I have been there. This time I'm going to explore the Langtang region, with the support of a guide but no porters. It's a short trekking in one of the less touristic areas of the country, severely hit by the 2015 earthquake, beautiful and wild. I need time to reflect and walking in the mountains is the best thing I can do. Meanwhile I'm fundraising for Child Rescue Nepal: you can find all info HERE and I ask you to DONATE to support their amazing work against children slavery and trafficking.
I'm going to spend few days in Kathmandu and I have so many friends to meet! I'll try to understand what happened in the last political elections where the Leftist Alliance got a stunning victory. I'm very happy about it.
I missed my Nepal too much, I can't believe I have been away so long: 8 months!  I don't know if I'll be able to update this blog from there, probably no. I'll be back on the 8th of January with new stories to tell and new pictures to share. I really love this country, I think I found my place in the world.

Langtang trekking schedule
12/25: Kathmandu, where I'll stay by my guide and Virgin Trails owner Rajesh Sharma. 
26: Kathmandu: so many friends to meet! 
27: Kathmandu -Syabrubesi (1610m) (7-8 hours) by Bus 
28: Yabrubesi-Lama Hotel (2470m) 
"We hit the Langtang-Gosainkunda trail, and our destination of the day is the Lama Hotel dwelling beyond the Langtang Khola. It would take about 6 hours as we hike our way through Doman (1685m), and then across the Landslide Lodge (1810m), past the Bamboo and then across the suspension bridge over Langtang Khola, which opens up to Rimche (2400m) and then finally to Lama Hotel. And, by the way, we will be passing thick forests of oak, rhododendron flowers and bamboos on our route, where you may catch sight of the famous red panda, black bear, langurs (a kind of a monkey) and such exotic Himalayan wildlife."
29: Lama Hotel-Langtang Valley  (3430m) 
"Climb up for just a couple of hours, and you will reach Ghora Tabela (2970m). At this point, your National Park entry card will be checked, and you will resume your hike walking through a path adorned with Tibetan prayer flags and prayer wheels. In no time, you will hit the soil of Langtang valley (3430m), headquarter of the Langtang National Park. If there are any plant-lovers among you, then let me inform you that Langtang valley is the treasure trove of unique alpine plants. Rest here for the night."
30: Langtang Valley-Kyangjin Gompa (3740m) 
"Make way across yak pastures and climb through a glacial moraine, with Mani walls and chortens (Buddhist shrines) upon the way. You will soon reach a wooden bridge, beyond which is the famous Kyangjin Gompa (3740m). It’s an awesome place, with an ancient monastery, a scenic landscape around it and a delicious cheese factory. So, ready your camera and say cheese!"
31: Hiking upto Chorkari Ri (5050m), Return back Kyangjin Gompa
"This is sort of an exploration-cum-acclimatization day. We can hike to the nearby hills, especially to the Chorkari Ri/Tsergo Ri (at an altitude of 5050m), from the top of which we can witness the amazing panorama of the great Langtang peaks, especially that of the Langtang Lirung (behold the dramatic sight of ice chunks flowing off its peak), Gyanghempo, Langshisha Ri, Yansha Tenji and Nayakang. Lay around for a while to capture the exotic sunset, and then you can move back to your lodge at Kyangjin Gompa."
1/1: Kyangjin Gompa-Lama Hotel 
"Retrace your step back to Lama Hotel, traversing once again across the Langtang village and Ghora Tabela (lunch here). It will be an easy trek downhill and, in about 6 or 7 hours, you will be back at your lodge in Lama Hotel."
2: Lama Hotel-Syabrubesi 
"This will be the last trek of the trip. From Lama Hotel, we will now backpedal through the familiar forests and arrive at Bamboo. A quick lunch here and we will be climbing downhill until we stumble upon two trails, one leading to Thulo Syabru (from hereon, the Gosainkunda trail commences) while the other goes back to Syabrubesi. We hit the latter trail, retracing our steps to Syabrubesi."
3: Drive Back To Kathmandu
4: and 5 Kathmandu: busy days meeting friends.
6: Flight home :(

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