My solo trekking in Langtang fundraising for Child Rescue Nepal 6. From Kyangjin Gompa back to Lama Hotel and New Years Eve

Image may contain: sky, cloud, mountain, outdoor and natureIt's supposed to be a lazy day. The golden sun light reaches the top of the mountains and I jump in my shoes to run taking some pictures. It's cold. Warm and confortable in the kitchen, where we eat our chapati. But the honey is frozen in the bottle so Jaya has to put it in some boiled water!
Image may contain: mountain, cloud, sky, outdoor and natureMy legs are still sore when we start walking . I look up to the view point we reached the previous day and I'm surprised  because it seems so close... It's just... ehm... VERTICAL. We see the cheese factory again, the monastry, the stupas and chortens, some yaks. 
Image may contain: mountain, sky and outdoor"I want to wash my hair" I say. And I do in Mundo, where we stop for lunch. The water is very cold, with ice pieces in it, but in the sun it's warm enough. Not enough to melt the frozzen water from a basin though... I dry my hair sitting in the sun, chattering with talking to Jaya and waiting for our dhal baht. Life is good. It's just a pity that we have to go down already, back to the valley and to Kathmandu.
Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureWe take our time, we pass Langtang, where the villagers are holding their assembly, and the big landslide. It's very early when Jaya says we are arrived and I suggest we can go further. "Ok, let's go sleeping in Lama Hotel again then, and back to Kathmandu one day earlier." It's fine. We descend by the river, in the forest, and now I'm tired and looking forward to the dinner... but it was my choice so shut up and keep walking! In the end I'm happy with it.
Image may contain: outdoor and natureWe arrive to Lama Hotel at dusk. The big lodge is closed so we take a room in a smaller one, where we find again the Canadian trekkers. "It's New Years Eve! We are going to celebrate!" their guide says. "But for you the year begins in April" I reply, "In Nepal we celebrate anyway", "Oh yeah! In Nepal you have more holidays than work days in the calendar!" I joke... but it's true, as they celebrate as a national holiday the holydays of every religions. 
Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureWe have our dinner, some cups of roksi (the local grappa), the owner turns the music on and we start dancing in the small kitchen, a little tipsy. More roksi! ahah! I'm getting drunk! it isn't very alcholic compared with European drinks, still after three or four cups it works also for me. It's a lovely night and when we go to bed, relatively late, the full moon is shining in the sky...


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