Nanga Parbat: the humans and the death. About Tomek Mackiewicz, Elizabeth Rovel, Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko.

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One years ago on this mountains Mariano Galvan and Alberto Zerain disapeared. Not the first not the last ones, because humans' love for hard things is a part of their humanity. 
Now Tomek Mackiewicz. He probably got to the summit this time, together with Elizabeth Rovel. They had tried several times. Or maybe they failed again. So far it isn't sure.
Sure in human life is only the death, and we shouldn't be sad when it comes if we didn't give up on our dreams and fully lived our life.
Facts, they are in the news, for example HERE. The most touching words I found belong to mountaneer Mirza Ali who wrote on his fb profile:
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Elisabeth Rovel arrives in Skardu after rescue
"#Nangaparbat rescue mission concluded with mixed feelings !!! With grief, sorrows with Polish #Tomek and his family. Since, he couldn't be rescued due to bad weather and higher altitude, and on the other hand French lady mountaineer #ElisabethRevol survived,the words of admiration for #PolishK2 Team is indeed wonderful, respected the heights level and must be cheered for their fantastic volunteerism undertaking the most dangerous rescue mission, reaching Elisabeth at 6000m. 
However, for me #ElisabethRovel is a woman, who can't be described in words, she is a woman of steel nerve,she has extra ordinary courage the feat of bravery may not put in words, she attempted Nanga Parbat multiple times during winters and mostly with Tomek. She never gave up despite the extreme harshness of the mountain, most of their attempts were non supported and climbed alpine style, Elisabeth and Tomek summit push turned out to be a nightmare, not sure what happened. Elisabeth can speak about it either summit or not but above 7400m After Tomek had trouble health ,beyond words of wildest dream Elisabeth helped her descent, put her tent. Perhaps, when she realised she can't help him more, her life is also at risk, she solo descended 1400m most difficult part of the mountain, without rope and without partner and reached 6000m. I applaud, appreciate and Salute Elisabeth Rovel and her extreme feat. 
I really wish Gilgit Baltistan Govt on urgent bases form a mountain search and rescue team and make it part of Rescue 1122/NDMA these people should be highly trained and qualified high altitude mountaineers. Its shameful that we don't have search and rescue team in the country, the search and rescue team should be equipped with all necessary equipment, including a helicopter! 
Dear Tomek, Mountain wanted more than the people around you, you loved this mountain and it hold you forever!"

I agree: Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko did something incredible. You can find all dettails in the news. But Elisabeth Revol has been amazing. She's alive and looking good. Tomek Mackiewicz is probably dead. 
Who criticised the decision of the rescue team don't know what they are talking about and just show their inconsistency. It's true that the Pakistani authorities must urgently create a search and rescue team. In another post Mirza Ali said:
"Recent #Rescue mission on Nanga Parbat of Polish #Tomek French lady mountaineer #ElisabethRovel has opened two topics to discuss seriously, #1 Govt of Pakistan has failed in 70Yrs to allow private heli rescue services. Since, Army has many operational tasks to perform, therefore private sector must be encouraged. In the years, to come such incidents will happen due to increase in domestic adventure expeditions. #AskariAviation evacuation cost is very expensive and locals may not afford. Also, in NDMA a mountain search & Rescue section should be set up, because many domestic tourists also going on dangerous treks these days, for search and rescue missions you can not always look for expert people to team up at 11th hours. In order to take dangerous undertakings to form a search and rescue team, it takes plenty of time. under Govt. supervision "provincially"a highly experienced team should exist and should stay on standby all the time, either its search or rescue or during natural disasters.

#2 All tour operators must make necessary arrangements for such adventurous trips, must not sell cheap expeditions and cause difficulties, also ensure the clients have insurance that is enough for such costly evacuation, proper communication arrangements, use of GPS ,sat phone etc."
The death is a part of human life and life can't be spent avoiding to die. And still the risk involved in activities like mountaineering must remain a calculate risk. As Alpine Sange Sherpa told us: "The mountain will be there again and you'll have another chance... if you are alive". 

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