My solo trekking in Langtang fundraising for Child Rescue Nepal 7. From Lama Hotel to Syabrubesi by Sherpa Gau

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureWe slept few last night but it's 7 am and we are up because today we must be in Syabrubesi before 3 pm in order to buy our bus tickets, and the route isn't easy, not at all. It's possible to go straight down following the river, but we take a different path, harder but definitely more beautiful, climbing to Sherpa Gau and descending by the other side of the mountain.
Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureI'm tired so my pace is slow and I remember a friend who used to say: "A ten kg backpack in the morning feels like15 Kg in the afternoon and 20 at night". It's true. Slowly I climb and slowly the view opens in front of my eye: the Langtang river down in the valley, like a silver snake, long landslide like a scar in the forest, the white high peaks... 
Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureThere is nobody. A deep silence. A group of mountain goats drinking at a stream, surprised when I pop up and rushing away with incredible jumps. They don't need any path and gravity doesn't apply! then deers, big monkeys, a cub of bear that Jaya points at but I fail to see, so fast it disapears into the tangled vegetation. But many animals and birds remain well hidden and probably look at me... as I would look at them if I could, with curiosity and respect.
Image may contain: sky, mountain, tree, cloud, outdoor and natureThe path is steep and often exposed, with stone stairs and suspended bridges. A group of Nepali teenagers is quickly approaching, the music from their phone is loud and louder, they pass by. "I wonder where they are going" I say "There is nothing here...", "See they have some ropes. They go taking something from the village" Jaya explains "Six hours ahead". For a while we can see them almost running in front...
Image may contain: 1 person, tree, sky, mountain, plant, outdoor and natureSherpa Gau! we got to the summit and now we start the descent. Here, atop the hill, there is nothing special, just a few prayers flags and the same beautiful view. 
Image may contain: sky, mountain, tree, outdoor and natureWe almost don't stop. And as we are downhill it should be easier now, instead I think I'm even slower because the path is steep and I risk to slip at every steps. While we are cautiously descending we meet again the boys, already back with a large and heavy burden on their shoulders. I step aside to let them pass. "How can they bring this all the way back?!", "They stop often. Maybe five steps and they stop." Jaya says. And I see again the long rough path we covered, the dangerous stairs, the bridges... But I know. They are used and I'm getting used too. The music is still loud, they are already gone.
Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and natureWe are closer to the town and this side of the mountain is much more inhabited. We take a tea in a small village and I can't avoid to be amazed by the guy who serves it: he lost a leg, uses one arm to move with a crutch and the other one to hold a tray with two cups and the sugar bowl! He wears short trousers and no shoe on his sole foot. He's young, maybe nineteen, slim and skillful. I wonder what happened, but I ask nothing. Life goes on. A banner advices this is an ecofriendly lodge: only cooking organic vegetables, using  solar power and separately collecting pastic and paper to be reclycled. 
Image may contain: sky, outdoor and natureFor lunch we stop by a big farm. We can already see Syabrubesi and there is a regular road from the village to the city. That's for the cars. We take the short cut, going straight down. Oioi! my legs are badly aching! but we are almost arrived and the tickets office is closing soon. I'm very happy when I can drop my backpack and lay down in the hotel room! Still I'm not happy, because the trekking is over. Fortunately I'll have a few days in Kathmandu...Image may contain: mountain and outdoor

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