Everything happens for you to learn a lesson

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On April the 4th I fractured my left malleolous. I have to wear a plaster for one month. 
Everything happens for you to learn a lesson. 
Which one for me? 
Appreciate what you have, stop complaining, be patient, be kind. Was it this? Hard way to learn but probably the best way.
At first I felt sad: I had some pain in my leg and moreover have to stay by my parents because I can't walk and I'm not able to look after myself. 
Then something changed, I started thinking I have been given a chance. Looking for a duah in sickness I found this one... after I wrote on my diary:
"Reading this duah I realised that sicknesses is a kind of a gift, like anything happening in the end. First of all it reminds us about the fragile miracle of life: we are a living body, exposed to all risks. It's an healthy reminder that we are not just a thinking mind. Then it makes us cosider how lucky we are because as far as we are alive and conscious... it could have gone worse! Inactivity allows me to appreciate minimal pleasures like stretching a leg or feeling the sun on the skin. Dependence is a useful teaching of humbleness and kindness: we never really rely just on our own, only we don't notice. Finally we are gifted of all the time we need to do things in the proper way, without excuses. In my case it's probably a way to tell me I must overcome my irrational fear of injections... but I am not sure it's working."
Well... it's working. Not only about injection, but in general. I started seeing life in a much more positive way. On the net you can find all kind of garbages but also precious resources like this list of Positive Thinking execises. It's banal and helpful at the same time: banal if you didn't reach the turnpoint, very useful if you did. Only, in my opinion, we shouldn't say: "I deserve to be happy" - it makes no sense, why should I? - but "I AM ALREADY HAPPY"... if just I could see it. I started seeing it and feel full of energy. That's why this banal list is useful for me.
My next goal is the Manaslu Base Camp at the end of August. I'm going to make it, no doubt. 
Stay tuned!

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